A Western Woman to be Respected

My inspiration this week comes from Anne Burnett Tandy, a southern lady who after being given everything, led a respectable and industrious life, and following her passing, gave back even more. Tandy was born into a ranching family and grew up learning tricks of the trade from local cowboys and Comanche’s. After studying in the east, she was entrusted with the bulk of her grandfather’s estate, and remembering her western heritage, returned to the ranch to breed champion quarter horses. During this time townspeople, her friends, and employees alike adored her. After a particularly memorable dinner party, Tandy and guests established the American Quarter Horse Association, which she went on to become the vice president of. After the passing of her parents, she inherited both the 6666’s and Triangle Ranches. Tandy then devoted much of her life to maintaining the prestige and excellence of both ranches. Upon her husband Charles David Tandy’s death, Anne established the Anne Burnett Tandy and Charles D. Tandy Foundation. The foundation has gone on to establish The Tandy Center for Executive Leadership at TCU, support a lecture series on American art, culture, and society at the Amon Carter Museum, and donate money for substance abuse prevention and education programs in middle schools and high schools in Fort Worth.

Anne Tandy never forgot where she from, a place built upon hard work, human decency, and companionship. A place whose standards are uncompromising, and whose respect for it’s history resonates in it’s future. No matter how far we travel, or what challenges we may face, the heart and strength of the west will always rest within us all.
Anne Tandy was awarded into The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museums Hall of Great Westerners for her philanthropic nature, hard work, and perseverance.

Learn more about the 6666’s Ranch.

To find out more about other great westerners visit The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museums website.


One thought on “A Western Woman to be Respected

  1. You leave the reader in the dark about a few things. For example: When did she live/die?

    In the last sentence instead of saying “great westerners,” why not say “modern cowboys” and reinforce the title and overall meaning of the blog.

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